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How To Delete A cPanel From WHM

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Removing an existing cPanel account is a very quick and easy operation, but be warned this move is permanent and you cannot undo this once removed. Please only proceed if you have taken any necessary backups, moved any full cPanel backups to another server and you are absolutely certain that you would like to permanently remove an account.


How To Delete a cPanel Account From WHM

Step 1:  When logged into WHM, simply type in the word “terminate” and choose the Terminate Accounts module

  • You can also find Terminate Accounts in the Account Functions section

Step 2:  From there you will see your accounts

Step 3:  Simply click the red Remove box to the right of the account

Step 4:  If you have multiple accounts you wish to remove, then just click their respective checkboxes and click the red Remove selected accounts button at the top of the page


How To Delete a cPanel Account From SSH

You can also terminate an account using SSH/command line if needed using the following script. Make sure to replace [username]  with the cPanel username in the examples below:






Bypass the confirmation step in the script and immediately terminate the account.


Example: /scripts/removeacct [username] --force 




Keep the account’s zone files in the DNS server when the script terminates the account.


Example: /scripts/removeacct [username] --keepdns 


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