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Optimal FileZilla Settings

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How do I speed up Filezilla transfers?

If your file transfers seem to be going slow, you can try to increase the number of connections and see if that helps. Note that the server you’re connecting to may have restrictions to the number of and speed of connections, so this may or may not help. Your ISP may also have restrictions in place.


Through the Site Manager

Step One: Click File at the top left of FileZilla’s navigation bar

Showing where to find the File option in FileZilla


Step Two: Click Site Manager from the drop down list

Showing where to find the Site Manager in FileZilla


Step Three: Choose the site (Or put in the hostname and port number, and login information to create a new one)

Showing how to add a site to the Site Manager in FileZilla


Step Four: Click the Transfer Settings tab

Showing where to select the Transfer settings tab in FileZilla


Step Five: Enable Passive mode

Step Six: Tick the checkbox for Limit number of simultaneous connections

Step Seven: Select the Maximum number of connections (up to 10) you want to use

Showing how to configure the Transfer Settings options in FileZilla


Step Eight: Click OK


Through Transfer Settings

Step One: Click Edit at the top

Step Two: Click Settings in the drop down

Showing the Settings sub option in FileZilla


Step Three: Click Transfers on the left in the sidebar that comes up

Step Four: Change the number for Maximum Simultaneous Transfers

Showing how to change the maximum simultaneous transfers using the transfer settings in FileZilla