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Sending Email Headers To Support

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Email Headers are resourceful when gathering important information concerning an email.  Normally headers involve KEY:VALUE pairs, providing organized data typically involving routing information, like names, dates and subjects.  Emails on occasions will have issues, whether failed sending reasons or spam for example, and headers provide value in troubleshooting “whys?”.


Roundcube Header Example Image

Example Email Header (Webmail Roundcube)


Headers are read from the bottom up


Where Do I Find My Headers In Webmail?

This articles intent is to assist in the location of your headers and how to submit them to our technical support for any troubleshooting or reviewing reasons.  It is important to note, accessing your email headers should be available regardless if the are part of our example locations or not.



Select any email, and there will be a drop down arrow toward the far right.  Selecting the drop down arrow will display the specific email header.


Roundcube Dropdown Header Location

Drop Down Minimized


Roundcube Header Dropdown maximized Image

Drop Down Maximized



To find your header using Horde, select your email and locate View Source in the top right.


Horde Header Location Image

Horde View Source Location


Horde Email Header Image

Horde Email Header



Find the email you wish to find a header for and select it.  Squirrel Mail headers are easily obtained by selecting View Full Header


Squirrelmail Header Location Image

View Full Header Location


Squirrelmail Header Example Image

SquirrelMail Header Example


Where Do I Find My Headers Using Gmail, Outlook, or Thunderbird?


After logging into your gmail account via desktop, you would select the email you wish to acquire a header for and click on the drop down arrow.  Select Show original.


Gmail Email Drop Down Location Image

Gmail Email Drop Down Location


After selecting Show original, your header information will appear as follows.


Gmail Header Example Image

Gmail Header Information



Within Outlook (via desktop), select the email you wish to acquire a header for.  Once selected, click on the drop down arrow on the right hand side and choose


Outlook Header Location Image

Outlook Header Location Example


A separate window should appear containing the header information


Outlook Header Example Image

Outlook Header Example



Select the email you wish to gather the header information for and locate the drop down icon on the right hand side.  Select View Source


Thunderbird Dropdown Image

Thunderbird Drop Down Example


After selecting View Source, the emails header information should open a new window for you to review


Thunderbird Header Example Image

Thunderbird Header Example


All third party emails, if not depicted here, should offer functionality to retrieve header information.  Typically it will involve similar methods as proposed here.


How To Submit Header Information To Hostwinds Technical Support?

Our technical support will sometimes request header information when troubleshooting email issues.  Once you have found your header information, select all within and copy.  Once copied, navigate to your support ticket via email or ticketing area in your Hostwinds account, and paste your header into the example ticket.


If you are not familiar with your Hostwinds ticket area, please review View Open Ticket to familiarize yourself on how to respond to any of your tickets.


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