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Setting up Email Forwarders

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Email forwarding is the ability to set up an inbox that receives incoming communication and then sends it out to a different email address automatically.  A major benefit of email forwarding is if you have multiple addresses for your business, you can send them all to one location for easier reading and organization.

In cPanel, you’re able to create two different types of of forwarding: Account Forwarders and Domain Forwarders.  Account Forwarders act individually per email account and need to be setup one by one.  Domain Forwarders revolve around the domain address and send the entire lot of emails to that domain on to another one.  


Note: Domain forwarders override individual account forwarding.


How Do I Setup Email Forwarders In cPanel?

To add an email forwarder through cPanel follow these steps:


    1. Login to your cPanel account
    2. Scroll to the Email section
    3. Click on Forwarders 

      Showing where to find Forwarders section in cPanel

    4. Click the Add Forwarder button 

      Showing the Add Forwarder button cPanel

    5. Add the email address that you want mail to be forwarded from
    6. Select the appropriate domain from the Domain drop down
    7. Enter the email you’d like the address sent to in the Destination – Forward to Email Address text box
    8. Click the Add Forwarder button


Showing where to input information for setting up a new email forwarder in cPanel


Once you’ve successfully completed the process, the new forwarder will show up on the list of added names at the bottom of the page.


How Do I Setup An Email Forwarder Through Webmail?

To setup your email forwarder through the web based email client Webmail follow these steps:


      1. Log in to your Webmail client
        Note: You can log in multiple ways, to learn how read our doc about accessing and reading webmail
      2. Click on your username in the top navbar dropdown and choose Forwarders
      3. Click on the Add Forwarder button to add one if none exist
      4. Complete the Forward to Email Address text box
      5. Click the Add Forwarder button
      6. Confirm that the option is properly setup by clicking back into Forwarders


How Do I Setup a Domain Forwarder Through cPanel?

Here are the steps to setup a Domain Forwarder and send all emails from one domain to another:


        1. Log in to your cPanel account
        2. Click on Forwarders in the Email sectionEmail Forwarder CPanel Location Image


        1. Click the Add Domain Forwarder button 

          Showing where to go in cPanel for Add Domain Forwarder


        1. Choose your domain from the dropdown menu that you want emails sent from
        2. Then add the email you want the entire domain’s email sent to
        3. Click the Add Domain Forwarder buttonShowing where to choose the to and from domains for email domain forwarders


To confirm domain forwarding check under the heading “Forward All Email for a Domain” in the Forwarders section to see if the connection exists


Showing where to verify a new email domain forwarder has been setup


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