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Upgrading/Downgrading An Account

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You can upgrade or downgrade accounts by following these steps:


Step 1:  Log in to WHM  (Login details are provided for your WHM upon purchasing a Linux server with Centos + WHM/cPanel license in a welcome email)

Step 2:  Go to Account Functions


This can be located quickly by searching for “Account” in the search bar


Step 3:  Go to Upgrade/Downgrade an Account


WHM up-gradable/down-gradable image


Step 4:  Select the account in question

Step 5:  Click Modify


Showing the Upgrade/Downgrade an Account form in WHM


Step 6:  Select the package you want to change it to

Step 7:  Click Upgrade/Downgrade


Showing the Package selection section in the Upgrade/Downgrade an Account interface for WHM


You can view the configuration and details of any package by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.


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