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I’m Unable To Ping My Website/Server

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Why Is My Server Not Responding To Pings?

The reason you’re unable to ping your website or server is because the server as a whole is either unavailable to the internet, or, offline entirely.  To double check if your server is offline try one of these free services:

If the above links confirm there seems to be an issue with connectivity to your VPS, follow the next suggested steps:

Step 1:  Try performing a trace-route by following How to Traceroute TCP/IP Connections and save this information for a technical support ticket if needed

Step 2:  You can also troubleshoot by utilizing VNC if applicable.  For further review on how to use VNC, click here.  Furthermore, you can also attempt to Reboot and/or Regenerate Network from the same drop-down.

If any of these sites verify that your website is down, then head to your Client Area on the Hostwinds website to open a ticket immediately.

Windows VPSes will not respond to pings, even if they are running.  If you are unable to RDP into your server, please proceed with reaching out to our technical support.

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