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I’m Unable To Ping My Website/Server

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Why Is My Server Not Responding To Pings?

The reason you’re unable to ping your website or server is because the server as a whole is either unavailable to the internet, or, offline entirely.  To double check if your server is offline try one of these free services:



If the above links confirm there seems to be an issue with connectivity to your VPS, follow the next suggested steps:

Step 1:  Try performing a trace-route by following How to Traceroute TCP/IP Connections and save this information for a technical support ticket if needed

Step 2:  You can also troubleshoot by utilizing VNC if applicable.  For further review on how to use VNC, click here.  Furthermore, you can also attempt to Reboot and/or Regenerate Network from the same drop-down.


[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]If any of these sites verify that your website is down, then head to your Client Area on the Hostwinds website to open a ticket immediately.[/notification]


[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]Windows VPSes will not respond to pings, even if they are running.  If you are unable to RDP into your server, please proceed with reaching out to our technical support.[/notification]


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