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Unregistered Domains Tool

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Hostwinds tool to quickly register unregistered domains, and transfer existing domains to Hostwinds that are not presently with us, can be found in your client area under Domains -> Unregistered Domains.

Having your domains registered and controlled on the same Host that your hosting account is with, is not required, but makes management and control far easier and simpler to manage.

Hostwinds’ Support agents are also able to apply changes for you, and make changes to your domains upon request, whereas this is not the case with externally registered domains.

This tool finds domains associated with your hosting, that are not currently connected to your Hostwinds account. When found, it will allow for you to easily register or transfer the domain to Hostwinds.

If all of your domains on your hosting accounts are presently registered with Hostwinds already, no domains will appear here. However, if you have domains registered elsewhere, or domains on your hosting account that are unregistered, this is the area in which they will populate.

Register Domain


Above, is how these domains will be displayed, the pricing is dependent on the TLD of the domain. Pressing the Buy Now! button will automatically create an order for the domain registration, and open an invoice for the order in a new window. Once paid, your domain will be able to be registered or transferred to Hostwinds.


Transfer Domain

Clients also have the ability to transfer an existing domain to their Hostwinds account, all that is needed is the EPP code from your current registrar that the domain is registered with to begin the process.

Simply enter the EPP code in the text field box above Start Transfer! and then submit the transfer request by pressing the Start Transfer! button.