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Upgrading To Our New Cloud VPS (Hostwinds Legacy)

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If you have been with Hostwinds for quite a while, it is likely that you may have a Legacy VPS. This is nothing bad, it simply means that this is no longer being sold as we now have our Cloud VPS system. Our new Cloud VPS products are built with a different back end system so that they have improved Performance, security and has many more features to provide you. As an offer to our existing clients there is an easy way to get jump started into our New Cloud VPSs.

What Is The Upgrade Offer?

With the recent launch of our Cloud platform, Hostwinds is providing clients on our Legacy VPS platform the opportunity to upgrade to a Cloud server at no cost to you for your first 45 DAYS!

The new Cloud platform is called Cloud Control and Cloud Portal and we are very proud to offer this interface to our clients. It has been tailored to all of your needs (plus more!) and there are many improvements that will continue to be made and developed so that your experience with Hostwinds is unforgettable. The Hostwinds Cloud Control is simple to use and allows for seamless upgrades as well as gives full control including control over a Firewall (before the connections reach your VPS / Cloud Server). With our Cloud Platform there is also the ability to utilize our additional Volumes and Object Storage containers to meet your growing storage needs.

Our Cloud Control platform also features the ability to take Snapshots of any of your servers with the click of a button. Taking a snapshot will essentially create a backup of the server in its current state, although your server should be shutdown prior to taking a Snapshot. This allows you to restore your server from a Snapshot at any time in the future. You also will have the ability to create a new VPS(s) using the Snapshot for easy configuration which many Hostwinds clients use when creating multiple servers at once. This can save you lots of time if you need to configure one server and create many more servers using the same configurations.

After the upgrade has been placed, the Billing Date for the new Cloud VPS will be set 45 days from the date the order is placed. During the migration from the Legacy VPS to your new Cloud VPS, both plans will need to be active. Once the migration has been finished the Legacy VPS can be cancelled.

How To Take Advantage of This Offer

Step One: From your Hostwinds Client Area, click on the Green Manage button to the Right of the Legacy VPS

Hostwinds Client Area Manage Legacy Premium VPS Example

Step Two: There will be a message indicating that we have our NEW! Cloud Hosting Available, and that you can upgrade at no cost for 45 days. Click on Read more to see more information about the offer, as well as to take advantage.

Hostwinds Client Area Upgrade From Legacy VPS To Cloud VPS Example

Step Three: At the bottom of the description of the Cloud VPS Upgrade, there will be a Pricing Comparison. Select the VPS that you would like with the Upgrade Now button. This will create a new Product that will be at no cost for the first 45 days.

This will not cancel the Legacy VPS or Migrate automatically and this will need to be done separately once the VPS migration is complete

Hostwinds Client Area Upgrade Legacy VPS To Cloud VPS Pricing Comparison Options

Step Four: It is important to choose between UnManaged and SSD Cloud (Managed) when taking advantage of this limited time offer. Once you have chosen the server that works best for you, you will receive an email when it is ready for use with your new login details. It is important to keep in mind that you can upgrade any UnManaged Server to Managed anytime through the Cloud Portal.

Note: Upgrading to an SSD Cloud or UnManaged SSD Cloud will not migrate your server and date automatically. If you would like our Migration Specialists to assist with this complimentary migration service, we will be more than happy to. Once you upgrade, there is a ticket that is automatically generated and you can simply reply to that ticket requesting help with the migration to your new VPS so we can get started on that as soon as possible. The ticket number is presented after the Upgrade is Initiated.

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.

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