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Your Open Tickets are available in your Hostwinds’ client area to view at any time. You must be logged in to view any open tickets and the entire ticket history can be seen at any time by opening your ticket.


How To View an Open Ticket


  1. Click on Support
  2. Click on Tickets when the drop down menu appears

     view past tickets in hostwinds client area

  3. Click on Open on the left side of the screen in the View section
  4. Click on the Subject of the ticket

     view open tickets hostwinds client area

What do all of the columns mean?


  1. Number – This is the Ticket Number to reference if calling Hostwinds or contacting us in a Live Chat. This will also be displayed in the Email Subject acknowledging that we have received your Ticket
  2. Department – This is the Hostwinds Department where your Ticket is being handled
  3. Submitted – This indicates when the ticket was sent in including the Day/Month/Year (Hour:Minute) PST
  4. Last Updated – When your ticket was last Updated including the Day/Month/Year (Hour:Minute) PST
  5. Status – The current status of your ticket can be seen at any time. Available statuses include:
    • Open – When a ticket has been submitted and under review by Hostwinds
    • Answered – An Answer has been received from Hostwinds and has been completed or is waiting on a Customer-Reply
    • Customer-Reply – A Reply has been received by the Customer and will be responded to by Hostwinds
    • On Hold – Work has not started on the issue by Hostwinds
    • In Progress – Work has started on the issue by Hostwinds
    • Closed – No further work is needed and the issue has been resolved successfully

Reply To a Ticket

  1. Click the green Reply bar
  2. Enter your response in the message box
  3. Click the Submit button

Once we receive your reply, we will answer you as quickly and accurately as possible.

If you are having an issue that is not related to ticket that has already been Answered or Closed, please submit a new ticket so that we can assist you as promptly as possible and to prevent any delay or confusion

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If we can help you in any way, please submit a ticket, give us a phone call or join us in a Live Chat anytime. We are available 24/7/365 and we are dedicated to our client’s success; every client truly matters to us.


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