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Your past tickets are available in your Hostwinds’ client area to view at any time. We encourage all of our clients to submit a ticket so that we can quickly and easily find a history of communications we have had the pleasure of having with you. This is a great way for clients and our staff to review previous communications you have had with Hostwinds and to utilize as a reference just in case the same question comes up at a later time.


How To View Past Tickets


  1. Click on Support
  2. Click on Tickets when the drop down menu appearsview past tickets in hostwinds client area
  3. Click on Closed or Answered or Closed on the left side of the screen in the View sectionview past tickets hostwinds closed answered


What if I want to reopen a ticket?


  1. To reopen a ticket, just click on the Subject of the ticket
  2. Click on the green Reply button
  3. Type in your reply in the Message box
  4. Click the Submit button

Once we receive your reply, we will answer you as quickly and accurately as possible.

If you are having an issue that is not related to ticket that has already been Answered or Closed, please submit a new ticket so that we can assist you as promptly as possible and to prevent any delay or confusion

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If we can help you get started, please submit a ticket, give us a phone call or join us in a Live Chat anytime. We are available 24/7/365 and we are dedicated to our client’s success; every client truly matters to us.


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