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Volume Management

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The Volumes Management is located under the Storage menu within your Cloud Portal area. A volume is a detachable block storage device, similar to a USB hard drive that you can attach to only one server. Use the Volumes management area in the Cloud Portal to create and manage your volumes with Hostwinds.

hostwinds cloud portal volumes storage

Create Your Volume

To Create A Volume you’ll need to click the Create button in the upper right side of the page and select Volume from the list of options.

Create Button

Volumes are units of storage that you can attach to a server to increase its space. When creating the volume, you will want to select the size of the volume you’re creating, give it a name and select the location. You can also choose whether or not this should be from an existing Snapshot image

add volume

Volumes are able to be created in 10GB increments from 10GB to 500GB. Keep in mind that you can’t decrease the size of your volume once it has been created, so ensure you create the smallest size you believe you’re going to need so you can increase the size if you need to.

You can name the volume anything you like and you can change it later if you want.

Once you’ve selected the size and have chosen a name for your volume, press the Add Volume button to have the volume created.

Showing a confirmation box showing that a Volume has been added

You’ll then be provided a confirmation message that the Volume has been added.

The volume will now be displayed in the Volumes management panel.

Showing the Volume management area in Hostwinds Cloud Servers

The display will show the following information:

  • Name: The name the user has assigned the Volume
  • Status: The present status of the Volume, Available meaning that volume is capable of being used
  • Server: The server the volume is attached to
  • Device: The device the volume is attached to (ie: /dev/sdb, d: drive)
  • Size: The volume’s disk size
  • Created: The date and time the volume was created on

Increasing Volume Size

edit volume size in hostwinds cloud portal

You can increase the size of your volume by pressing the Edit button () to the right of the volume’s size.

You’ll be provided with a dropdown menu with the available size options in 10GB increments:

Showing where to choose the size of your Volume

Once chosen, you’ll be be prompted with the following confirmation message once the volume’s size has been extended:

Showing success message for extending a Volume size

Volume Management Controls

You can find the volume’s management controls in the Actions dropdown menu next to each volume.

volume management actions

Attach Volume

The Attach Volume button allows the volume to be attached to another server. By pressing the Attach Volume button, a prompt will display requesting the server that the volume is to be attached to. You’ll be given a dropdown list to select the server based on the server’s Friendly Name and IP address.

Once you select the server, press Confirm.

Attach Volume

The volume status will change to attaching while the volume is being attached to the server. Once it has attached, the status will change to in-use. However, you’ll need to refresh the page to view the status update.

Attached Volume

The attached volume will display on the server as soon as the status changes to in-use. For Windows servers, the drive will need to be viewed and changed to online in the disk management settings.

Volumes can be attached to any of your servers, and is not limited to use on only one.

Upload Volume Image

If you would like to upload a Volume and take a Snapshot, you can use the Actions button and select Upload to Image

This will ask for the Image name for your Image and you can press Confirm to begin creating this Image.

upload volume to image

This gives you lots of flexibility with your Volume, and the image will be made available in your Snapshot Images, when creating a new Volume as shown above to save your time and effort.

Deleting Volumes

In the Volume’s Actions on the right side, you can choose to Delete any of your Volumes at any time.

Pressing the delete volume underneath the Actions dropdown for the volume selected will prompt you to delete the volume.

Shows confirmation box for deleting a Volume

You’ll be prompted with a confirmation request to delete the volume.

Pressing Confirm will delete the volume.

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Please feel free to Open A Support Ticket with our technical support if you have a managed service as we will attach your volume, partitioned and mounted, on your server upon your request.