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Domain Name Reseller API Actions

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The following API Actions are available from the Hostwinds domainsResellerAPI.



This command is used to send a Register command to the registrar.


Request Parameters


Name Type Required? Description
sld String Yes Domain name
tld String Yes Suffix attached to domain name
regperiod Number Yes Registration period
nameserver1 String No First nameserver
nameserver2 String No Second nameserver
nameserver3 String No Third nameserver
nameserver4 String No Fourth nameserver
nameserver5 String No Fifth nameserver
dnsmanagement Number No Enables dns management for this domain
emailforwarding Number No Enables email forwarding for this domain
idprotection Number No Enables id protection for this domain
firstname String Yes First name of the user
lastname String Yes Last name of the user
address1 String Yes First part of user address
address2 String No Second part of user address
city String Yes City of the user
state String Yes State/Province of the user
postcode String Yes Postal/ZIP Code of the user
country String Yes Country of the user
phonenumber String Yes Phone number in the format +NNN.NNNNNNNNNN
email String Yes Email address of the user
adminfirstname String No First name of the admin user
adminlastname String No Last name of the admin user
adminaddress1 String No First part of admin user address
adminaddress2 String No Second part of admin user address
admincity String No City of the admin user
adminstate String No State/Province of the admin user
adminpostcode String No Postal/ZIP Code of the admin user
admincountry String No Country of the admin user
adminphonenumber String No Phone number in the format +NNN.NNNNNNNNNN
adminemail String No Email address of the admin user
domainfields String No A base64 encoded serialized array of the TLD specific field values


Example Request:



Example Response:


{“result”:”success”,”msg”:”Domain has been registered”}