What Counts as a Valid Affiliate Referral?

To help you succeed as an affiliate and make the biggest commission possible in our program here is a short guide to outline what counts as a valid referral. To  keep track of every customer sent to our website by you we use an affiliate pixel and link tracking software.  Each time the affiliate clicks on your link and is redirected to our website a cookie is placed that lets us know you’re the one who referred them.

Where you may encounter a problem comes from affiliates who don’t always follow the links or follow to many.  For a referral to be valid all clients must click through your links, before any other affiliate, and successfully purchase a hosting product within 60 days.  Link tracking is the only way we recognize a valid affiliate referral.  To learn more about how to increase your affiliate success read the list below for the most common reasons a referral is not valid.


Common reasons commissions don’t register

Sometimes you’ll see that a commission you believed to be valid did not show up.  There are many reasons that this can happen and here are the most common reasons that an affiliate commission may not be counted.


User clicked another affiliate link

When searching for the best affiliate often times customers window shop and have already clicked on another affiliates link.  When this happens the links are active for 60 days and when the customer returns to our site in anyway for that period the commission goes to the first linked affiliate account.


Customer purchased with another affiliate

As part of our terms and dedication to our affiliate members we never change a commission.  Orders are handed out on a first come first serve basis.  So another affiliate may have already sold to that client.


Customer did not click on link

For all the effort and hard work you put in sometimes clients simply don’t click your link.  If the client doesn’t follow your link then we have no way of identifying you with the commission.


Check out the Terms of Service

Read through the Terms of Service provided during the affiliate signup process.  This document provides valuable insight into understanding the rules clients must follow to be considered valid.



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