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What Is The Regular Price In Checkout?

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The Regular Price is the normal price for your services. The order screen includes a discount on the first invoice.

For example, a 2 core 4GB RAM Managed Linux VPS is $18.80 per month with the 53% discount, and normally $39.99 per month:

Once added to the cart, the % discount is converted into actual dollars saved:

If you change the billing to annually, the first year is discounted and the second year will be the Regular Price:

Most add-ons and software licenses added to the order will not be discounted:

Why Is My Price At Checkout So Low?

If you have existing services with us or created your account more than a few days before ordering, you are probably seeing the effects of Anniversary Billing

Note the dates shown are for the remainder of the Billing Cycle.

In this case, the ‘regular price’ is what would be charged for this 9 day period normally, and not the actual renewal price for the next invoice.