White Label Reseller Getting Started Guide

How to Configure Hostwinds White Label Reseller Module


This guide will help you get up and running with Hostwinds White Label Reseller Hosting.


Add module:


  1. Download module packages here
  2. Unzip the file and upload everything to the WHMCS root directory
  3. Click on the green Activate button


Showing the Activate Services Reseller Module


  1. Click the Configure button that now should show for the module


Showing the Configure Services Reseller


  1. Select your Role Group, check the Full Administrator option and click Save Changes to give your Role Group access to the module


Showing how to Save changes to Configure Services Reseller


Add groups:


  1. Go to Products/Services >  Products/Services in the Setup tab


Showing the Products/Services location in WHMCS


  1. Choose Create a New Group


Showing the Create a New Group location in WHMCS


  1. Name your group (We recommend making a group for each type of product. For example, you can have groups setup for shared hosting, cloud servers, dedicated servers, etc)
  2. The rest of the settings can be left how they are
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Continue making groups for each type of product you’re going to offer


Setup API


  1. Get your API details here (If you don’t have one, click Generate Key)
  2. Go to WHMCS
  3. Go to Services Reseller Modules under ServicesReseller in the addons tab
  4. Input the email address and API key
  5. Click the green save button


Add products


  1. Click the green Create Products button next to the modules you’re going to offer
  2. Choose the products you want to offer by checking the boxes
  3. Select category for the product
  4. Click Create Products


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