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Why Did My Payment Fail?

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The answer to this will depend on the payment method used.  Below are the most common reasons why a payment may have failed.

Please do feel free to reach out to our Billing team via ticket to get more insight if needed.

Failed Credit Card Payments

When a card declines, that means that the financial institution that backs the card declined the charge attempted.

For the security of the cardholder, the financial institution involved does not share the reason a payment failed, with Hostwinds.
The exception to this would be an AVS mismatch. If for some reason the billing address for the Credit Card and the address on file with Hostwinds differs, the payment can decline and the financial institution that backs the Credit Card may let us know when that happens.

For any other situation, reaching out to the financial institution that backs the credit card, would be the only way to learn why a payment declined and how this can be resolved.

Failed PayPal payments

Whenever there is a failed PayPal payment,  an error message with a corresponding error code will be received.

The first step toward a resolution would be to find out what the error code means.

To quickly look up an error code, this link from PayPal leads to a page that lists all of their error codes and would likely give insight on what may have gone wrong.

The two most common error codes we receive are detailed in this article.