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Why Does Hostwinds use a Ticketing System

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The primary principle on which Hostwinds was founded is to provide the absolute best customer support possible all while maintaining technical accuracy, efficiency and overall excellence. We think of everyone who is a part of Hostwinds from our clients to our CEO as family, and we always strive to go above and beyond to ensure that our family is taken care of as quickly as possible. We have found that utilizing a ticketing system is an effective way to provide the absolute best support possible in a timely manner. We feel that this is an important question that we are asked from time to time and the point of this article is to help illustrate why we encourage our clients to use our ticketing system for the majority of their support related needs or inquiries.


Our number one reason to utilize a ticketing system is to ensure the security of  your sensitive information. This includes your site related files, personally identifiable information (e.g. address) and above else your trust. By using the ticketing system we can safely infer within reason that any request made is valid and submitted or approved by you.


By utilizing the ticketing system this ensures that everyone is accountable for any request that is made and any actions taken to complete requests. We are extremely dedicated to helping you, and this dedication generally shows through our technicians in all that they do. It is to that end that we have a policy that all tickets are subject to managerial review.


As mentioned earlier we strive to be as efficient as possible when providing support for our clients. By using a ticketing system this helps ensure that all of our client’s requests are processed in a timely manner in the order in which we receive them or severity of the issue. You can rest assured knowing that the moment your ticket is submitted it is being processed and routed to a technician who is capable of resolving the issue as quickly as possible.


This could also be considered continuity or assurance of quality service. A ticket submitted by you may be processed and addressed by multiple technicians spanning various shifts, however using a support ticket will ensure that all of the pertinent information is in one place. The method to this approach is to ensure that we are always pushing forward on your issue and progressing toward a resolution, as opposed to valuable information being lost in translation.

We hope that this helps promote a clearer understanding as to why we utilize a ticketing system. We hope that our passion to utilize the ticketing system is not misconstrued as any unwillingness on our part to help our clients. We would just like to ensure that all of our clients have access to the same level of support day and night!