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What Is A Suspension

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A suspension is where a product or service is left intact, but no longer is accessible.

Why Would My Product Be Suspended?

Currently, we only suspend products for the following reasons:

  • Lack of payment on your non-hourly product – There is typically a 1-day grace period for missed payments. Which starts at 12:00 am on your due date. Your service would suspend after that period ends. Reach out to Billing through your Client Area to see if we can resolve this for you by Submitting A Support Ticket.
  • Lack of payment on your hourly product – all hourly products are due for payment on the 1st and will suspend on the 2nd if they are overdue.
  • Abuse – Reach out to to see how this can be resolved.
  • Credit Card Chargeback – A chargeback has been received for a payment made through the Credit Card on file. Reach out to Billing through your Client Area to see how we can resolve this for you.
  • PayPal Dispute – A PayPal dispute will result in an immediate suspension of all services on your account. Reach out to Billing through your Client Area to see how we can resolve this for you.
  • Manual Hold For Review – If you are placed on a Manual Hold For Review when and you have active services, those services will be suspended until this has been resolved as described here.

If I Can’t Make My Payment, Will I Be Suspended?

The answer to this is not a clear-cut yes or no. All Hostwinds created products do have a grace period based on how they are billed.

We also do offer a 1-day instant grace period for nearly all products except for Domains and services charged at an Hourly rate.

If you have passed those one day and are still not able to make your payment, your services would then suspend.

Do Suspensions Disable Automatic Payments?

No, suspensions do not have any effect on your automatic payments.

What If I Need To Backup My Data?

Hostwinds will never hold your data hostage, in this event we will upon request, provide you with a link to access your data so that you may make an external back up.

Can Hostwinds Make A Backup For Me Instead?

No, this is not a service we currently offer.

How Long Do I Have To Make A Backup Of My Data After Being Suspended?

Typically a product would remain intact, but suspended for 13 days past due. After that period, there is a high chance of automatic termination, at which point the product and the data it is deleted.

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