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Windshield Server Security Service

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WindShield is a server hardening service that our support technicians perform for a user on their VPS or dedicated server.

The one-time service is recommended for any client server that is looking to increase their server security, and shield their server from possible harmful outside sources.

Our support technicians will set up your server firewall, perform an application audit on your server, and apply server hardening to ensure your server is safe, and secure.

Users may opt to have further optional hardening applied, such as non-standard SSH ports for Linux servers, or non-standard RDP ports for Windows servers. Using the standard SSH port 22 is something that we encourage you review your logs for any failed SSH login attempts, and to be able to prevent this from happening in the future if there are logs indicating SSH access has been attempted using the standard port.  

We can also lock your server down to whitelisted IP addresses for connections to shell or RDP at your request.

To purchase a Hostwinds WindShield Server Security Services, users can navigate to this link from their client area, from there you may locate the “WINDSHIELD (SERVER SECURITY SERVICES) addon, select from the dropdown the service you wish to apply this addon to, and click purchase and activate.

A ticket will be created on your account, and our support technicians will begin the hardening process for you, updating your ticket once completed.