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Working With Your Hostwinds Affiliate Links

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As a Hostwinds affiliate, it’s important to know how to find or create the various types of links we have available for you. Whether you want to use one of our banners or need to create custom, keyworded links that you can track and generate reports for, this guide will help you do just that.


How to Find/Create Your Affiliate Links

You can easily find your main affiliate link on the main page of your affiliate dashboard. This link will send your referrals to our home page. If you’d like to use this link, just log in and it’ll be on the right hand side of the page in the Standard Linking Code box as shown below:


Showing where to find your main affiliate link for Hostwinds affiliate program


Short Email Links for Specific Services

We have also created affiliate links for you that link directly to different hosting services, instead of the front page of our site. They’re short links that work great with email, therefore these are found under Email Links.

Go to the top navigation menu and use the drop down under Marketing Materials to find these. Once you choose Email Links, select the page you would like to send them to and click the Display Email Links button.


Showing how to create affiliate links for email


Create Your Own Trackable Links with Keywords

If you use the same link in multiple places or both in articles and in emails you send to subscribers… it can become difficult to know where your marketing is working and where it’s not. In order to make tracking your links easier, you can create keyword links.

Keyword links use tracking IDs (tids) so at anytime you can generate a report for any one of them to see how they’re performing. Choose what keyword you’d like to append to the link and add it as a tracking ID (tid).

You do this by going to Custom Tracking Links in the top navigation menu and choosing Keyword Tracking Links. There, you can view the URL that you should add the keyword to using (without the quotation marks) “&tid1=yourkeyword”. It also shows you an example.

If you still need more help, click the blue View The Tutorial button go view an in-depth guide at the bottom.


Shows where to create keyword affiliate links for tracking


How to Link to a Specific Page

Do you want to link to a specific page on our site that you don’t see affiliate links for? You can easily do this, too. They’re called custom links. Go to Custom Tracking Links in the top navigation menu and choose Create Custom Tracking Links. Remember though, that only the services listed here are eligible for affiliate commissions.

Here you can enter the URL to the service page you want to promote and it will generate a unique affiliate link for you to use.


How to create custom affiliate links for specific landing pages


How to Find Affiliate Coupon Codes

Generally we only offer coupon codes directly to customers. From time to time, though, we have coupon codes that are available for affiliates to use. If there are any active coupons eligible for you to provide to your referrals, you’ll ll find them by going to Marketing Materials in the top navigation menu and selecting Coupon Codes. Here, you can give the coupon a name of your choice, select from available offers and create your custom coupon code.