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Create Firewall Profiles

To make any of the changes outlined here, you must log in to the Client Area.

Click the Cloud Control dropdown and click the Cloud Portal link.

You can find the link to the Firewalls page in the Network dropdown menu on the Cloud Control page. Click the Firewalls link on the Network dropdown to move to your firewall settings.

Adding Firewall Profiles

Click on the Create Firewall button in the center of the screen to start the process of creating a new firewall. Additionally, you can click on the Create dropdown and click the Firewall link.

A pop-up prompt will appear and request the profile's name and a short description of the FireWall. Once both the name and description are entered, click on the Create Firewall button.

The page will now display your new security profile. The name is a combination of a unique identifier and your chosen name.

Your new Security Profile displays in your FireWall Profiles List.

Firewall Profiles List

The Firewall Profiles List displays the name of the Firewalls and a short description of the Firewall. You can edit the description by clicking the Actions dropdown and clicking the Edit link. Alternatively, you can delete the FireWall here as well, should you choose to.

Clicking the +/- icon next to the name of a FireWall will expand it to display the FireWall's configurations. This shows the description, direction, protocol, IP type, Min, and Max Ports.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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