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Attaching an ISO to an Instance

To make any of the changes outlined here, you must log in to the Client Area.

How To Upload an ISO Image

If you already own a VPS and want to upload your own ISO, Hostwinds makes this available to you in your Cloud Portal. Follow these steps to upload an ISO that can create new Servers or Reinstall a previous Server.

Adding An ISO File To Your Cloud Portal

Click on the Storage dropdown and then click the ISO's Link.

On the ISO Page, click on the Upload ISO Button.

Configure your settings in the pop-up prompt.

  • Description: A brief description or name for the ISO file. This will help to separate if you have more than one ISO file uploaded.
  • URL: This is the direct download URL to access the ISO file. Hostwinds will use this to import the ISO file for use.
  • Bootable: This is a toggleable option determining if the ISO file can boot with a Cloud VPS.
  • Location: This is the data center location where the ISO file will be stored. This should be the same location as the VPS, either being reinstalled with the ISO or newly created with the ISO.

Once done filling out the necessary options for your ISO file, click the Add ISO button.

After the ISO is added, a message will appear to indicate that the import process has started. This may take a few moments while it imports into Hostwinds' system. This can depend on the File size of the ISO file.

Once complete, you should see the ISO listed on the page.

After the import process has been completed, the ISO instance will appear on the ISO's Page. From here, you can change whether the ISO is Bootable and delete the ISO File. In addition, setting the Status of the ISO to active will make it able to be selected during a re-installation of a Cloud VPS in the ISOs Tab.

A Windows OS or Microsoft SQL Web Server license must be created when ordering your server or reinstalling the OS. Hostwinds clients can use the Windows Server licensed images and Microsoft SQL Web Server licenses provided and made available for you when creating or reinstalling your server. This will include any applicable licensing fees.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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