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How to Take a Snapshot

What is a Snapshot?

A Snapshot is a customized image of your server that is usable with Hostwinds servers.

You can now reinstall your server with a previously made snapshot instantly. You can use this on a new server instance, a copy of an existing server, to help get multiple servers deployed quickly.

How to take a Snapshot

Log in to the Client Area, and navigate to the Cloud Control Portal.

The Instance MUST be powered down to avoid any corruption and/or changes while taking the snapshot. To do so, select the server you wish to make a snapshot of, and open the advanced menu. (You can also click the blue server name)

Click the Shutdown button.

Once your snapshot is completed, your server will not automatically turn back on. Instead, you will need to come to this same location and select the Boot option (in place of the Shutdown button) when ready.

Once your instance is powered off, you can safely create a snapshot from the Actions drop-down and select Snapshot Server.

A pop-up window will appear for confirmation, also allowing you to rename your snapshot.

Additional Note: As your server is taking a snapshot, it will periodically display its currently taking actions during the process. You will see the image Pending Upload most of the time until the snapshot is 100% complete. It is essential to note your VPS instance will not be accessible until this is complete.

Taking A Snapshot From Server Management Page

Once your instance is powered off, you can safely create a snapshot from the Actions drop-down and select Snapshot Server.

In the Cloud Portal, using the Storage drop-down to select the Snapshots option.

You can create Snapshots in the Snapshot Section by selecting Snapshots from the Storage drop-down or the Create Snapshot button.

A pop-up window will appear, asking what instance you would like to take a snapshot of and what name you would like to call it. Once ready, select Take Snapshot and your snapshot will now begin creating.

Create a Snapshot from the Cloud Control Portal

While in the Client Area, hover over the Cloud Control Menu and click the Cloud Portal Link.

Select the Actions Menu, then Snapshot Server.

Select the Server you wish to make a snapshot of, then choose a name, and confirm.

Restoring from a Snapshot

To restore a server from a snapshot image, you would first need to access the Cloud Control Portal. From here, click the Actions Menu for your server and select Advanced.

Select the Restore from the Snapshot option from the Servers Management Page.

This will show your available snapshots. Select the one you want and confirm.

How To Manage Your Snapshots

Once you have snapshots created, you can use them as a backup or use them for other purposes like Volumes.
Proceed to your Cloud Control area and select Snapshots from the Storage drop-down to review all available snapshots taken.

Deleting A Snapshot

Pressing the Delete button under the Actions icon will delete the snapshot from your profile.

Note: The snapshot will not be retrievable after this is complete.

Then click on confirm for the deletion of your snapshot.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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