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Web Hosting

To access your web hosting account from your main login, click the green button for your hosting plan.

This should take you to the Management page for your Hosting Plan.

Login to cPanel

To quickly log in and access your cPanel account, click on the Actions dropdown. Click on the Login to cPanel link.

Giving you instant access to your cPanel account, no login information needed.

Login to Webmail

To quickly access your webmail login for your domains, click on the Login to Webmail.

Giving you instant access to your Webmail login for your cPanel account.

Change Password

To change the password for your Hosting Account, you can use the Change Password option.

You can change your cPanel password from here without needing to know any previous password you have set.

Change Your Primary Domain

If the domain you are looking to change is already in use on another site as an Addon domain or primary domain, you will not be able to use it. You will have to detach the domain already in use to move it to your primary domain. Remove any subdomains of your primary domain name before you can change it.

It is worth noting that WordPress can break when changing your primary domain among several other web design applications. This can happen because of database requirements, file directories, among multiple other things configured within the cPanel. If changing the primary domain for one of these applications, we suggest Opening A Support Ticket with our technical support with the request.

We also strongly suggest that you make a backup of your data before any changes. You can create backups within your cPanel following these instructions: How Do I Do Full Backups In cPanel.

To change your primary domain, please follow these steps:

Log in to the Client Area

Navigate to your Home page and select manage next to your shared, business shared, or reseller service.

Select Change Domain from the list of options.

Enter in your new cPanel Main Domain in the text field. After editing your main domain and click the Change Domain button.

Your primary domain is now changed, and all associated primary files within your cPanel service that existed for your old domain will display for the new domain name now.

Upgrade/Downgrade Options

You can review your plan upgrade options on your account here.

This would show you what upgrade options you may have available for your plan.

Sync Weebly

You can sync Weebly with your domains on your hosting plan by selecting the Sync Weebly option here.

This will check for any Weebly sync data that you may have for your domains or any Weebly sites connected to your account.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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