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Fast and Reliable web hosting for personal or business use. Everything you need to get your website online today!

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Virtual Private Server Hosting provides you with a set amount of dedicated resources reserved for you and only you.

Cloud Servers

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Hostwinds Cloud Servers are completely customizable and come with an abundance of 1-click installation options.

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Our dedicated solutions provide you with complete control and 100% isolation from other users.

Why Hostwinds?

Our mission is to make the best hosting experience for you

Hostwinds Servers


Hostwinds controls all of our infrastructures, such as servers, systems, and structures, outright. Owning all of our equipment allows us to pass these savings onto our much appreciated hosting customers. It would be best if you didn't have to pay an outrageous price for your hosting requirements, and it is Hostwinds' mission to deliver this for you.

Most hosting companies rely on a third party to provide their services, but not Hostwinds. Our reliable services are operated entirely by us. There is no waiting on a middle man when it comes to your ongoing hosting needs at Hostwinds.

Hostwinds knows all of our customers have different hosting needs. Whether you need shared web hosting or a cloud server, we want to provide you with the best there is. That is why we continue to invest in ourselves to make sure our customers are forever taken care of.

Hostwinds Redundancy


Hostwinds stands by its 99.9999% promise because we are entirely redundant. Our redundancy means we always have a back-up plan to ensure our hosting services remain running, regardless of the reason. Our customers never have to worry at Hostwinds, as we plan our infrastructure methodically around uptime importance.

We build all of our locations to 2N redundancy standards (meaning two of everything) from the routers to our fiber paths. All these redundancy measures keep your hosting services online no matter what. If one part of Hostwinds infrastructure ever fails, its counterpart immediately will support it until the issue is quickly resolved.

We utilize several T1 carriers across several different paths. These paths allow Hostwinds to establish a fully redundant network source out to the backbone of the internet. Hostwinds believes our hosting customers shouldn't have anxiety about their network connectivity. That is why we take extraordinary measures to make your traffic safe and secure.

Hostwinds Redundancy

Hostwinds Build


Hostwinds is here to stay, and why we are committed to providing the latest hosting solutions to our customers. With technology growing faster every year, our goal is to ensure you have the hosting tools and products to keep up.

We never stop working to make sure our product options are available and reliable. Whatever your hosting needs are, Hostwinds dedicates itself to it. Our award-winning support is ready to communicate with you about your hosting needs today.

Reviews and Awards

Our reputation for excellence is unmatched. We're very proud of the numerous awards and industry accolades we have received throughout the years.

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