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Frequently Asked Questions about Object Storage

What is Object Storage?

Object Storage ( or Object Oriented Storage ) is a general term that refers to a particular method of software and process used to control how units of storage, called Objects, are organized and called upon in a storage system.

The stored data can be anything from a photo album to a 3d rendering website. At the same time, the metadata informs the user whether it is a photo album or website. The data stored could also be subfiles that need to be stored but don't directly relate to any particular file in general.

Each Object contains a globally unique identifier so that it can be found over the distributed system. With this identifier, a user can access the data without ever needing to know the system's physical location. A massive amount of data can be stored in different geo-locations globally on other Object Storage Servers in this organization style.

Is Hostwinds Object Storage S3 Compatible?

Hostwinds Object Storage is fully S3 Compatible, providing a storage solution that allows access to and management of the data it stores over an S3 compliant interface.

How does Hostwinds Object Storage pricing work?

Object Storage pricing is calculated each hour by multiplying the amount of data you store by our hourly rate, as shown above, $ 0.000042386 per GB per hour. We then add up all of these hourly calculations and send you one bill for the whole month.

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