Features Included in All Linux VPS Plans

1 Gbps Ports

Solid State Drives


99.9999% Uptime

Free Website Transfer

Custom ISO's

Friendliness Guarantee

Multiple Locations

Enterprise Firewall

Linux VPS Features

Take full control with the dedicated resources assigned to you by getting started with a Hostwinds VPS today. We will have your server up and running in just minutes!

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Redundant Network

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Nightly Backups

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Server Monitoring

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Instant Scalability

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Full Management

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Enterprise Hardware

Cloud Portal Features

Every Hostwinds Linux VPS comes standard with a variety of additional tools and utilities for your convenience.

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Snapshots take a complete real-time backup of your Linux VPS. You can recover your Linux server at any time from these snapshots in the event of a critical failure. You can also use snapshots to launch multiple Linux virtual private servers simultaneously, which makes deploying a fleet of pre-configured Linux servers just a few clicks away.

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Add extra security to your Linux VPS using Hostwinds firewalls. Our firewalls are a handy way to control your Linux server's inbound and outbound traffic. This firewall is implemented externally from your Linux VPS, which provides additional protection against the Linux software firewall being inadvertently disabled.

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Never worry about needing more storage on your Linux VPS. Hostwinds provides volumes that are extra storage spaces. Easily select how many gigabytes you need, and leave the rest to us.

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Load Balancers

Load balancing is a simple method that assigns your traffic across multiple Linux virtual private servers, which allows you to easily scale your application across multiple servers for increased efficiency and uptime.








ISP Manager

Open VPN


CentOS Web Panel



Visual Composer

LAMP Stack


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