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Load balancers distribute network or application traffic across a cluster of servers, improving responsiveness and increasing the availability of applications.

Using Hostwinds Load Balancers, you can keep your applications at peak performance regardless of scale. Just add Load Balancers with the click of a button.

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Improve availability, performance, and scalability

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Hostwinds Load Balancers monitor your back-end servers constantly. Should problems be detected, your load balancer will route around them.

HTTP/2 support

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Load Balancers support HTTP/2 to provide better performance for you and your users.

Proxy Protocol support

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Automatically pass a client's IP address and port through to your Hostwinds servers.

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Simple to set up

Load Balancers can be launched in seconds to begin balancing traffic between your servers instantly. This allows your application to be highly available (HA) and scale horizontally.

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Load balancers make it easy to set up one SSL certificate for all your traffic, regardless of how many back-end servers you have!

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Load Balancers increase the performance and stability of your infrastructure. You can add or remove servers from your configuration at any time, and the load balancer will adjust traffic flows accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Load Balancers

What is a Load Balancer?

Load Balancers constantly monitor and detect the health of back-end resources to send traffic through to healthy online servers that can receive the traffic.

A load balancer will help your application scale beyond just one server. It will ensure that each back-end server receives an even amount of traffic.

How does a Load Balancer Work?

Load Balancers act as traffic controls and sit in front of your servers. They route client requests to maximize the speed and capacity of each server. A Load Balancers will ensure that no server running behind it is working harder than another, so all the servers run at peak performance.

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