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Business Web Hosting is aimed towards businesses that need more than just normal web hosting. We understand that you and your customers depend on speed and reliability. This is why we give our business hosting clients a greater share of the total server resources. We do this by adding fewer business accounts on each server, resulting in faster load times, and greater reliability.

  • Litespeed WebserversLitespeed
  • Unlimited Disk SpaceUnlimited
    Disk Space
  • Nightly BackupsNightly
  • Unmetered BandwidthUnmetered
  • 24/7 Tech Support24/7 Tech

    Our basic business hosting package was designed with smaller businesses in mind. This is a great option to help small business websites see maximum success.


    Disk Space

    Free Dedicated IP Address

    1 Domain

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    Growing businesses have more needs when managing their online presence. This advanced level of web hosting will surpass the expectations of any expanding business.


    Disk Space

    Free Dedicated IP Address

    4 Domains

    as low as


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    Profitability demands a web hosting package that will accurately serve and support our established business clients. This is the ultimate choice to drive their progress.


    Disk Space

    Free Dedicated IP Address


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VPS Hosting

  • Setup Instantly
  • Fully Managed
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • cPanel/WHM


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Unlimited Bandwidth

The success of your web site relies on bandwidth. We offer unlimited transfer on a solid network seamlessly connected to our world class data center.



Chances are you have heard horror stories about web hosts offering "Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space". We know that most providers out there that offer these services hide behind complicated Terms of Service and will terminate or suspend accounts that are using too many resources for the host to be profitable. We think this is a terrible practice that discredits legitimate unlimited hosting companies like us.

How We Offer Unlimited Bandwidth:

The unlimited bandwidth is very easy for us to offer. Our overall bandwidth cost's are very low. We have 20+Gbps of connectivity to our Dallas location. We feel that since we have secured such a great deal with our upstream providers, it is our obligation to pass these discount's on to our customers. We are not limited so why should you be? It does not cost us anything extra to offer unlimited bandwidth so please sit back relax and don't worry about your bandwidth.

How We Offer Unlimited Disk Space:

This is probably the one that most confuses people. This is because these people are thinking like consumers. You think that what you pay for hard drives is the same price that we pay. This is not true, server's require different hard drives than desktop and laptop computers.There is much mechanical difference between the different hard drives, however, the hard drives for servers are MUCH cheaper than hard drives for home computers. We can get 300 GB Hard Drives for less than 100 dollars. We also require that all of the files you host be related to your website in one way or another. This is to ensure that people don't begin using our unlimited storage to store terabytes of data as their own "digital locker". As long as the files are related to your website(s) then you will be just fine.

Litespeed Webserver

You have the demand, we have the resources. We offer the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server on all of our shared plans.


LiteSpeed Web Server!

The #1 Commercial Web Server That Improves
Performance And Lowers Operating Costs.

Apache System

LSWS Is Easy To Use. That Makes The Transition From Apache Smooth And Easy.

Better Performance
and Stability

Our Optimized Code Serves Clients With Minimal Memory Consumption And CPU Usage.

Increased Client
Server Security

We offer Built in features such as bandwidth and connection throttling capabilities.

  • Reduced Support & Hardware Costs
  • Frequent Security Updates
  • Maximized PHP Performance
Free Website Transfer

We understand how challenging it is to transfer a website to a new hosting provider. Hostwinds will handle this task for FREE.

  • 1You Submit Your Order
  • 2Complete Transfer Form
  • 3We Perform the Transfer
  • 4Reset Your Nameservers

Free Website Transfers!

Step 1

Complete the form submission below by providing us with all of your account details...

Step 2

Our team will then go to work, migrating your content and reconfiguring site settings...

Step 3

After migration, simply change your DNS settings and the transfer is complete!

  • All Of Your Files Are Transferred
  • No Downtime Loss
  • All Scripts Reconfigured As Needed
  • All Of Your Databases are Transferred
  • No Data Loss Guarantee
  • Unused Months Are Rolled Over To Us
cPanel Demonstration

Never tried cPanel? Our demo will show you how easy it is to manage a web site.
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