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Adding Media To A WordPress Post

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Normally when you are writing a post for your WordPress, you will want to add some images or other media types. Media can be used to attract more visitors to the article, as well as keep it interesting. These can also be used to help convey a procedure or way to do something. Fortunate for us though, it is incredibly easy to Add Media into your WordPress post.

How To Add Media When Making A Post

This guide assumes that you already have WordPress installed on your Website and are logged into your wp-admin area.

  1. Create a Post or Edit a Post.
  2. Once you have the post open that you want to add images to. You should notice an Add Media button towards the top. Click this to be shown a popup Window on that same page.

    Where to locate the add media button on add / edit post.
  1. From the initial popup, you will have a few options of what you can do. For now we will only focus on either uploading the media, or choosing from existing media. You can also Add Media from a URL to be used in your post. To upload images (if you have not already done this), you would be able to either drag and drop the file onto the popup menu, or click on Select Files. This will allow you to browse your local computer for media.

    What the popup should look like for Add Media with a new instance.
  2. After you have uploaded the image, or if the image is already uploaded. You should now be able to Insert this into your post.

    Some of the possible options that can be done for inserting media into your post.


    1. After the image is uploaded to your WordPress, you will want to make sure that you are switched to the Media Library tab. This will allow you to view all Media that is on the site.
    2. Next you will want to locate the Image you had uploaded. Normally the newer media will be closer towards the top of the page.
    3. From here you can see basic information about the Image, as well as Delete the image permanently from the site.
    4. For the Title, you will usually want a very short summary of what the image is. Like the title of a book almost.
    5. For the Caption, this could be used if you want some information about the picture to be displayed with it. This is not entirely necessary.
    6. The Alt Text field will be what is shown in the event the media does not load. This can be due to the image not downloading on the visitor’s computer or the image being deleted from the server.
    7. In the Description box, you should put a basic summary of what this media displays. Keep it brief to describe just enough about it.
    8. Here you can set some display options for the media. Such as the alignment of the image and default size.
    9. Make sure that the media that you are adding is selected in this list here.
    10. Once you confirm all is good, you can click Insert Into Post.
  1. After inserting the media into the post, you should now see it displayed. You can also drag the media around if you want to place it at a different location.

    What an uploaded media looks like with a caption

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat, on our Phones, or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.