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Apache Configuration in WHM Guide

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The Apache Configuration dashboard in WHM is a collection of features that allow you to properly configure Apache.  Apache handles the HTTP requests as your web server software. You can locate the Apache Configuration section by navigating to Service Configuration > Apache Configuration.


Showing how to locate the Apache Configuration section


Below are the settings, with their description, that you can use to configure Apache.


Global Configuration – Includes advanced features, such as, common directives in httpd.conf’s main context


PHP and suEXEC Configuration – This tool focuses on PHP handlers and their configuration.  It allows you to enable and disable suEXEC and adjust the PHP version


Directory Index Priority – Allows you to decide which files serve as the index pages and set the priority of which filenames take precedent


Include Editor – This handles the large majority of the Apache Configuration system


Reserved IP Address Editor – This editor allows you to configure Apache to listen only to the the IP addresses you want


Memory Usage Restrictions – This tool allows you to individually set Apache memory limits by calculating them and setting process memory limit changes


Log Rotation – Allows you to manage which files are rotated and what files cPanel cpanellogd daemon should change


Piped Log Configuration – Allows you to enable this feature so that Apache access logs are split into a separate process.  This keeps resources available and doesn’t force a restart every time they are changed.