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Using Apache Mod_userdir with WHM

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This article is intended for those who operate a VPS or dedicated server with a purchased cPanel/WHM license.

For more information about cPanel and WHM, please review our article cPanel and WHM Overview

What Is Apache Mod_userdir?

Apache Mod_userdir is a way to access a user’s website through a URL that contains the cPanel  user name.  For example, you can set it up so your website can be accessed through various ways, including:

  • http://<IPADDRESS>/~cPanelUsername/
  • http://<SERVERNAME>/~cPanelUsername
  • http://<>/~cPanelUsername

This can be useful to review your website redesign, your website migration to a new server or you just want to access your account through your web browser in another way.

You can allow users to visit your website by using the mod_userdir Apache mod as a temporary URL.  This will allow the URL to function even when no DNS configuration has been set or the domain has not been pointed.

How Do I Setup An Apache mod_userdir Through WHM?

To setup an Apache mod_userdir follow these steps:

Step 1:  Log into WHM for the new server you’re moving to  (details to log into your WHM are provided in a welcome email upon purchase)

Step 2:  Click on the Security Center button

whm security center apache mod_userdir

Step 3:  Click on the Apache mod_userdir Tweak button

apache mod_userdir whm

Step 4:  Ensure that the checkbox next to Enable mod_userdir Protection is checked

Step 5:  Enter the name of the user you want for the corresponding host

Step 6:  Click the Save button

apache mod_userdir tweak nobody

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