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AutoDJ Management Overview

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In the event that you want to stop your AutoDJ from playing, or change the playlist that it is playing from, this can be done from the AutoDJ Management section. Along with starting and stopping the AutoDJ, you have the ability to change settings that you set when the AutoDJ was first created.

Where To Find The AutoDJ Management

Once logged in, The AutoDJ Managements page can be found from the sidebar in the SHOUTcast control panel under the Managements section. If you have an AutoDJ that has been setup in the past, you will be presented with some options for managing the AutoDJ.

SHOUTcast AutoDJ Managments Menu Location

What Can I Manage About The AutoDJ?

With the AutoDJ Management page in your SHOUTcast Control Panel there are a few things that you are able to do. The Start and Stop, will allow you to set whether the AutoDJ is playing on your SHOUTcast station or not. With the Edit / Update button, this will take you to a page where you can edit the setttings that were set when the AutoDJ was initially created. For a description of what the values on this page are, and how you can set these, please refer to the guide for setting up an AutoDJ. With the Manage The Active Playlist, you can Add, Remove or even Rearrange the songs that are on the playlist currently being used by the AutoDJ. The last option, Remove, allows you to delete the AutoDJ. As on the SHOUTcast Hosting there is only one AutoDJ allowed at a time, you can use this to get rid of a previous AutoDJ so that you can make a new one.

SHOUTcast AutoDJ Management Page Details

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