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Best Web Hosting Services For You (Hostwinds Ultimate Guide)

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Performance, security, support, and cost are the four main reasons you should choose Hostwinds for your web hosting services. Our team wants you to have the services you need to be successful. As such, we offer you the best of everything!

– Grow with Hostwinds Shared Hosting > Business Hosting > SSD Cloud > Dedicated Servers so that you can reach your goal for your site, or be the next

– Start building your website with Weebly Website Builder or install WordPress with only a few clicks.

– Let us help you migrate your site over with a complimentary migration service so that getting started is easy and fast.

– We fully support HTML and PHP websites on any Shared or Business Hosting.

– We also offer many Operating Systems such as LAMP, Ubuntu, CentOS, cPanel, Windows, and many more with any SSD Cloud or Dedicated Server.

– We have data centers in Seattle, WA, and Dallas, TX, in the USA, as well as in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for if you have an audience close to Europe.

– Shared and Business Hosting is Linux based and supports PHP, Perl, and HTML

– SSD Cloud and Dedicated Servers support most Operating Systems such various versions of CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora, Debian and many more.

– SSD Linux Cloud can support Nginx, Python, PHP, Perl, Node.js, on several different Operating Systems.

– Hostwinds provides you with several one-click Applications you can reinstall to your SSD Cloud at anytime.

– Hostwinds continues to lead the way when it comes to providing fast servers and low prices to fit any budget and offer ideal performance and speed.

Performance and speed are essential items to consider to ensure your website visitors have a positive experience and return. We are committed to your success. We have servers built with speed in mind, more specifically with many helpful guides on website optimization, Business Hosting with LiteSpeed, SSD Drives, and 1 GBPS port speeds. We make it easy to test the latency from your location to any of our data centers, all from our website’s data center page.

We are proud to offer a 99.9999% Uptime Guarantee, so your site will always be ready to greet your visitors.

You can upgrade your web hosting plan at any time. Whether you are just starting, running your own business or need several SSD Cloud servers with Load Balancing, Hostwinds web hosting services can meet your needs and budget.

Reach your US-based website visitors from Dallas, TX or Seattle, WA, for any Shared, Business, SSD Cloud or Dedicated Server (upon availability). Reach your international website visitors with a Shared, Business or SSD Cloud plan in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

After getting started with Hostwinds, we have several natural migration paths for you and will even perform a complimentary migration within the first 60 days of any new service.

Many of our clients have started with Shared Hosting and later upgraded to Business Hosting to receive more resources to better handle increased website traffic, more emails per hour, LiteSpeed Web Server and the other benefits of using Business Hosting to continue growing their sites.

Going up from there is comfortable with any SSD Cloud 4 or above so that you have the resources you need to continue growing your site and success. If the 10 Tiers of SSD Cloud are not able to fit your needs, we have several Dedicated Servers to choose from that give you your dedicated resources available to you whenever you need them. You have all of the available features to use in your own Cloud Portal such as Load Balancers, DNS Management, Firewalls, Snapshots, extra Volumes, Object Storage (to name just a few).

We limit the number of accounts to be 60 per server for Shared Web Hosting services and 50 accounts per server for any Business Web Hosting services.

Hostwinds provides AutoSSL for any Shared or Business web hosting account so that your SSL Certificate is ready within 24 hours of pointing your domain to your website hosting account.

We also provide you with a Virus Scanner for your account so that you may scan your account for viruses. This included tool will allow you to Scan Mail, Scan Your Entire Home Directory, Scan Your Public Web Space, and Scan Your Public FTP Space. We also perform virus scans and monitor our servers 24/7 for you.

Our SSD Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers provide you with full root access to install and configure your server in any way that you wish. We have several helpful knowledgebase guides in case you need help installing and configuring a firewall. Furthermore, you are also able to run any scans on your server upon request for any Managed services with Hostwinds. You can also order the Windshield service if you need any help securing your SSD Cloud.

It is essential to keep your applications up to date and use strong passwords for your server, email accounts, login details, and applications. Moreover, we highly recommend changing your password every few months to keep your site safe and secure.

Hostwinds provides you with many backup options.

Shared and Business Hosting allow you to have a full cPanel backup and store a daily backup of your entire account for up to 364 days.

We also provide you with incremental backups using Object Storage for any SSD Cloud or Dedicated Server. Also, Hostwinds allows you to check the integrity of your backups to ensure that you can restore your entire server from a backup. You can also request that we restore any or all files for you if you have a backup service by opening a support ticket with your request.

We are also able to provide Snapshot backups so that you may take a snapshot of your entire SSD Cloud server anytime within the Cloud Portal. You can use this Snapshot to restore your server whenever you like. Snapshot backups also allow you to create a new server from the Snapshot so that creating up to 25 servers at a time can be done with a few clicks of a button, all through your own Cloud Portal.

Any backups that you have added to your account through your backup service are in our highly-available cluster of backup servers. These backups have low latency to make restoring your account from Object Storage or a Snapshot incredibly fast.

Hostwinds offers you the ability to take advantage of an included SSL Certificate for your Shared or Business Hosting. Any SSD Cloud or Dedicated Server client may utilize features such as Let’s Encrypt to install an SSL Certificate (or an SSL Certificate from another provider).

We also offer RapidSSL ($75 / year) and WildCard Rapid SSL ($150 / year) certificates for the extra security you may be looking for as you build trust with your website visitors. We are happy to help you install these SSL Certificates for any Managed service as part of our Tiers of Support.

Hostwinds does not allow SFTP or SSH on any Shared or Business web hosting account. If you do require the use of SFTP or SSH, any of our SSD Cloud Servers or Dedicated Servers come with full access to install any applications you need or configure your server in any way that you like.

We do offer a VPN for purchase so that when you do connect to the internet, you can connect to a secure VPN server before sending any data via FTP, through an email, or while browsing the web. A VPN ensures that your connection remains over an encrypted connection and hidden from the bad actors.

As the owner of your website, it is important to understand that you need to keep any applications such as WordPress up to date. This is an integral part of having web hosting your site. Hostwinds offers automatic updates for many applications such as WordPress, including theme and plugin updates to be set to automatic when installing your application through an Application Manager called Softaculous. If you would prefer to update your application yourself and have installed WordPress through Softaculous, there is a ‘Refresh’ icon that helps make this process fast and easy.

Hostwinds offers support in Live Chat from any page on our website. We use a ticketing system for your account security, accountability for everyone involved for any actions that are taken, to efficiently process requests in the order in which they were received and to ensure there is tracking in place for quality assurance and continuity of your services. We will always do our best to resolve any requests and work towards a resolution.

Join us in a Live Chat today to experience first-hand how we genuinely care about our clients and are 100 % focused on their success.

We make it easy to contact us anytime you need help.

Our team of experts is well versed in both Linux and Windows. Hostwinds continues providing support for clients residing in all areas of the globe for over nine years. With many Tiers of Experts on hand to assist you, we are confident that we can provide you with fast, friendly and helpful support for many years to come.

We are very proud to be able to offer a complimentary migration for any accounts within the first 60 days. That makes moving your services much easier! We have helped thousands of new and existing clients get started with their services.

Our migration policy can be seen from our extensive Knowledge Base guide so that you can be prepared to get started once your service is ready for use. We will ask that you submit a new migration request through your Client Area and let our team of experts take it from there.

Any new service that you order will have a discount on the first invoice. Many Hostwinds clients enjoy the value of having an Ultimate Shared Web Hosting plan because they receive web hosting services for one primary domain and an unlimited number of add on domains. The prices may vary depending on the Billing Cycle that you choose. Keep in mind when ordering your new service that the longer the Billing Cycle, the longer the discount is on the first invoice. Make sure to take note of the regular price for your second invoice that is shown to you during Checkout. The regular price will take effect on the second invoice.

For current Hostwinds clients, it is important to review the Anniversary Billing dates for any new services during the Checkout for the length of your first invoice amount.

We do encourage our clients to choose the Billing Cycle that is best suited for them. We offer a discount on the first invoice, and you can save with a one month, three months, six months, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months Billing Cycle.

Starting on the 11th of September 2019, we began allowing for a prorated refund of our offerings. This prorated refund would be applicable depending on the time in which you cancel and request for a refund.

We are happy to offer you the advantage of using CloudFlare for any Shared or Business Web Hosting plan to help speed up your site and to give you even more powerful features.

The only real difference between our Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate Plans for either Shared or Business Hosting is the number of sites for which you can have a web hosting.

Basic allows for one website as the primary domain to have a web hosting. Advanced allows for one primary domain and three addon domains (four sites total). Ultimate allows for one primary domain and an unlimited number of addon domains to have a web hosting.

Adding a website as an addon domain allows you to create email accounts, build your site using Weebly, install WordPress with a few clicks, and take advantage of the wealth of features included for your account.

Domain name registration is an essential part of owning your website and is an extra cost separate from web hosting. Shared and Business Hosting clients that choose a Billing Cycle of a year or longer may register or transfer their domain name to Hostwinds.

Depending on how many emails you need to send per hour, how busy your site is, and if you need to install custom applications or scripts, Hostwinds has a service that can meet your web hosting needs.

If your SSD Cloud needs more resources to handle an increase in traffic, you can upgrade anytime through your Cloud Portal.

You can build your site with Weebly or with a simplified application such as WordPress as soon as your Shared or Business Hosting service is ready for use. Using a drag-and-drop website builder such as Weebly is a quick way to get started.

You can also create an unlimited number of email accounts for any of your domains or addon domains once your service is ready for use. Once you have added your email account, you can access webmail from any computer with an internet connection and set this up on your computer, phone or tablet for iPhone or Android devices. Many professionals appreciate this service, as it allows them to send emails from their domains.

Any Shared or Business web hosting plan comes with Softaculous AutoInstall, which gives you the ability to install over 400 applications on any of your domains or addon domains.

We also offer many one-click Operating Systems, Applications, ISOs, and Templates for your SSD Cloud that you may reinstall once your server is ready for use.

Any Shared or Business web hosting service includes using the popular cPanel control panel to make managing your web hosting account easy. cPanel allows you to set up email accounts, install applications using Softaculous, optimize your site, review your site stats, run virus scans and keep your apps up to date. There are many cPanel features for you to use however you need. You may begin using cPanel as soon as your account is set up and ready for use.

Hostwinds SSD Cloud and Dedicated Servers allow you to have full control over your server to configure it and install any Control Panel you need. To make it even easier to get started, you may reinstall or create a server from the Cloud Portal with a Control Panel such as cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, VirtualMin, VestaCP, CentOS Web Panel ir ISP Manager with a few clicks.

Our Shared Web Hosting includes the use of Apache webserver.

For up to 500 % faster speeds, Business Hosting allows you to use LiteSpeed Web Server.

You may reinstall LAMP Stack, LEMP Stack, or MEAN Stack for any SSD Cloud to get started with a web server of your choice.

Our team is always looking for ways to improve, and we take feedback from our clients very seriously as we continue building new features. Hostwinds recognizes the importance of listening to our clients and that we must understand how we can continually improve our support and services.

One of Hostwinds’ many strengths is our staff’s ability to listen to what our clients are asking for and make improvements accordingly to meet your ever-growing demands. We will always have your best interests in mind and work tirelessly to continue to improve our services and support so that your web hosting journey is continuously improving every day.

It is humbling to know that you are considering Hostwinds for your web hosting services. For state-of-the-art hardware, knowledgeable assistance, and 24/7/365 support, choose Hostwinds.

Founded in 2010, Hostwinds began changing the face of the hosting industry from the start with a set of new standards: offering quality hosting services at a reasonable price. Our dedicated staff ensures that our clients feel respected, satisfied, and cared for at all times.

Although our state-of-the-art hardware and reliable hosting are next to none, it is genuinely our remarkable customer service that sets us apart in a sea of competitors. Speaking of, we have received several awards over the years for our unparalleled customer service.

We promise to set you up for success with industry-leading hosting and support.

You can trust in us.

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