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Caching Content

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What Is Caching Content?


Caching content is a method of temporarily storing web content so it can be displayed to visitors quickly. Content is optimized and normally stored on multiple servers so it can be loaded from somewhere close to the visitor instead of a server that could be far away. It’s used to increase a site’s loading speed.


What Is The Cache For?


The amount of traffic that’s on your site at any given time can have an effect on how smoothly your site runs. But let’s face it, that’s what you want – lots of traffic. If your site is growing and your traffic is increasing, that’s wonderful for business – but it may also mean taking additional measure to make sure it doesn’t get slow. It may even be time to upgrade your hosting plan.


How Do I Cache My Content?


Something as simple as adding a plugin like WP SuperCache may improve your site’s speed (if your site uses WordPress). Or even better, use services like CloudFlare, Akamai or MaxCDN so the popular pages on your site will load faster. Services like these run servers in different locations that store copies of your content including images, video, audio and text. Then when a visitor comes to your site, they serve the content for you, making everything load faster.


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