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How To Change DNS Servers In Virtualmin

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Changing or updating your DNS servers in a Linux based server environment usually requires you to update the necessary configuration files through the Linux shell. This is not the case when using Virtualmin, as you can update or change your DNS servers at any time using the Hostname and DNS Client module. The focus of this article is to teach you how to update your DNS servers in Virtualmin using this module. You’ll need to have Virtualmin installed with Webmin access in order to complete this guide. If you’re not certain how to do either, please refer to the following guides:



Once you’re ready to continue, please refer to the following steps:


  1. Click on the Webmin section
  2. Select the Networking option
  3. Click the Network Configuration module
  4. Select the Hostname and DNS Client module


Showing the Hostname and DNS client location


  1. You should now see the Hostname and DNS Client interface
  2. Locate the DNS servers fields
    1. The first two DNS server fields are generally for IPv4 addresses and the last two are for IPv6 addresses
  3. Make any changes to the DNS servers that you need to and click the Save button when you’re satisfied with your changes


Showing the DNS servers field in the Hostname and DNS client interface


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