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Checking Your Current Disk Usage In WHM

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If you have a constantly growing website, or upload a large amount of files through cPanel / WHM, you will want to make sure you don’t exceed the maximum Disk that you can use. As if your disk space is maxed out on the server, the sites on the server, as well as some cPanel / WHM features may not work properly until disk space is cleared up, or added. However, at any time, you can check the current Disk Usage on your server from within WHM.

Where To Find Current Disk Usage

Step One: Log into your WHM Administrative Dashboard

Step Two: From the search bar in the upper left, type in “System Health” and hit enter. From the list there will be Show Current Disk Usage, as one of the options.

WHM System Health Show Current Disk Usage Menu Button Location

Step Three: Click on Show Current Disk Usage and you will be brought to a page with some brief information regarding the disk usage on your server.

WHM System Health Show Current Disk Usage Menu Default Example

Current Disk Usage Information Explained

From the Disk Usage page, there will be two sections of information to view. First being the Current Disk Usage Information. This is the most important and has the most relevant information for when your disk may be filling up quickly. In the Current Disk Usage Information section, you will be able to see the Device name, Size of the disk, how much has been Used, how much space is Available, an easy to read Percentage of what has been Used, and the Mount Point where the disk is Mounted. When Identifying the disk that you are using, it helps to look at the Mount Point, as this will tell you the directory used for that disk.

WHM System Health Show Current Disk Usage Current Disk Usage Information Example

IO Statistics Explained

If looking for how intensively your disks or partitions are being used, you can also view the IO (Input / Output) Statistics for the devices. This will be a table showing the Device, how many blocks the system writes and reads per second (Trans./Sec), which helps to measure the partition / disks ability to operate. The Blocks Read shows the rate of output for the device, Blocks Written showing the rate of input for the device. In the Total Blocks Read and Written, you can see how much information the hard drive has read or written.

WHM System Health Show Current Disk Usage IO Statistics Example

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