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Comparing Snapshots with Restic

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Restic allows users to use a diff command to show the difference between two snapshots, displaying a list of details of the difference between the two snapshots being compared.

This is helpful, to locate a file or folder that you’re uncertain when it was last updated.

As with any interaction with Restic, you must first initialize the repo to perform actions within restic, to do so follow this guide.

The command to show the difference between two snapshots is as follows –

restic diff $SnapshotID1 $SnapshotID2

# restic diff a62c854b c6bda3fb
password is correct
comparing snapshot a62c854b to c6bda3fb:

+ /home/test

Files: 1 new, 0 removed, 0 changed
Dirs: 0 new, 0 removed
Others: 0 new, 0 removed
Data Blobs: 0 new, 0 removed
Tree Blobs: 1 new, 1 removed
 Added: 292B
 Removed: 13B

In the above example, the only change was the addition of the file /home/test, as displayed above.