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Configure McMyAdmin Server Settings

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While the McMyAdmin 2 panel is very clean and easy to navigate, there are many ways you can manage and configure your server. You can create rules, environments, and worlds that wildly differ from the standard Minecraft game play found in single player.

We’re going to help by explaining all of the various server settings that can be set for the operation of your Minecraft server, and explaining how each option will affect your server. If you need an overview of all the configuration options available, we do have a guide of How to Configure Your Minecraft Server for review.


Server Settings

World Seed

The World Seed is a numeric value that is used in the algorithm for generating your world. It can be positive or negative, and is used in every version of Minecraft. The server will call its world creation algorithm and run the world seed variable to create your server’s world. Since each version of Minecraft has a different algorithm, the same number may produce wildly different results. If used on the same exact version of Minecraft, however, the same number will return the same world, allowing you to recreate the world in different servers as needed.


World generator settings

The World generator settings is a place where you can forcibly set the generator settings using a long series of key-pair values. This can be very complex and is not recommended to modify for newer or casual users. If you want to create a truly customized world, however, you can use this setting. Minecraft Tools has a good Customized World Preset Generator that you can use to change the various settings to your desires.

You will need to set the World Type to Customized for this feature to work.


Server MOTD

The Server Message of the Day is the message that all of your players will be greeted with, as well as what the server’ list will show under the server name for people browsing for your server.


Server type

The Server type will determine what sort of Minecraft server you wish to run. The default Minecraft experience is listed as the Official server type, however there are a number of other server types available to install. Each version can have their own plugins or features depending on your desires. For instance, if you want to run any Bukkit plugins on your server, you will need to set the server type to CraftBukkit, and install the server type before being able to install any Bukkit plugins.


Server release stream

The Server release stream sets which version of the Official, CraftBukkit, or ForgeMod server types your server will be running. Recommended means that the latest stable and official release for the server will be used, while Beta/Snapshot will allow you to choose whether to use the latest Beta version of the server type, or a specific older version (or snapshot) of the server type.


Maximum Players

The Maximum Players setting will set how many concurrent players will be allowed to login to the server at the same time. Any additional players over this amount will be told the server is full. The maximum number of players allowed on McMyAdmoin 2 Personal Edition is 10 players, but you can set any number lower than 10 if you desire. To get more than 10 simultaneous players, you will need to Upgrade Your McMyAdmin License.


Generate structures

This setting will determine whether or not structures such as ruins, huts, villages, mines, or fortresses will spawn inside of your world. You can set this to either enable or disable the spawning of structures on your server.


World Type

The World Type determines the overall terrain and shape of the world that will be generated on your server.

  • Standard: The normal world, generated with normal mountains, rivers, and biomes of average sizes.
  • Flat: A world that is completely flat, with no major terrain features. Villages will spawn by default occasionally, but there are no other terrain features in a normal flat world.
  • Large Biomes: These worlds are just like Standard worlds, except that their terrain biomes (such as deserts, mountain ranges, forests) are four times larger than normal. This means biome-specific structures or features are much more common.
  • Amplified: These worlds have all of their terrain features amplified, particularly mountains and valleys having wildly extreme heights.
  • Customized: This world is customized based on the World generator settings. This is required for any World generator settings to take effect.


Announce achievements

This setting will dictate whether there is a server-wide announcement if any of your server’s players complete an achievement while in your server. If turned on, all players regardless of location will receive the notification. If disabled, only the player who earned the achievement will be notified.


View Distance

The View Distance determines how much of the world is visible to a player at any one time. Minecraft’s default for this is 10; any higher numbers will increase view distance at the cost of server performance, while any lower values will decrease the view distance for players but allow the server to run faster and smoother.


Allow Snooping

Many software programs have the option for the creators of that software to collect data on the usage of their software so that they may make updates to improve the program. Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) are very open about what data is collected, and call this process Snooping. You can enable or disable this option as you desire.


Schedule Backups

McMyAdmin allows you the ability to take local backups of your Minecraft world, so that in the case of severe errors, crashed, or bugs, you do not need to have your world rebuilt from scratch. This is especially useful on servers with many players so that their progress and creations are not lost overnight.

By enabling the various Include sections, the size of the backup files will increase, and the backups will take longer.


Include Permissions

This will determine whether any information in the Users and Groups section of the server is saved in each of the backups as well.


Include Plugins

If this selection is enabled, it will save all of the installed plugins in the backups as well.


Include Plugin Configuration

This section indicates whether any plugin configuration files will also be saved with the backups that are taken.


Fault Recovery

Restart on severe errors

If a severe error occurs in Minecraft, McMyAdmin will forcibly restart the entire server immediately to try and resolve the situation. Not all severe errors are fatal to the server, however, and in some cases you may need to disable this feature if you are running many plugins on the server that conflict with one another.


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