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Configure SMTP Server (Windows 2012)

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After choosing to install IIS on your Hostwinds Windows 2012 VPS, you will want to configure SMTP. To do this, follow the steps in this guide after you have gained access as the Administrator user to RDP on your VPS.


Configure SMTP

Step One: Open Server Manager by clicking on the Server Manager icon on the lower left side


windows 2012 server manager


Step Two: Click on Tools on the upper right hand side of the screen and select Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager from the drop down menu


tools internet information services iis manager 


Step Three: Click on the drop down arrow next to your server name and right click on the SMTP server. From here, select Properties


smtp server properties windows server 2012


Step Four: In the General tab, check the box to Enable logging if you wish to have logging of your SMTP server enabled


enable smtp server logging


Step Five: On the Access tab, click the box that say Authentication at the top


smtp authentication windows server 2012


Step Six: Ensure Anonymous Access is checked and click on OK to proceed


enable anonymous access for smtp in windows server 2012


Step Seven: When you enter back in the Access tab, click the Connection button


connection button in access tab


Step Eight: Check the box for Only the list below and click on the Add button


only the list below add ip


Step Nine: Check the Single Computer radio button and enter in to add localhost to the list of single computers that can send mail from your VPS and click on OK


single computer add for localhost


Step Ten: Once you enter back to the Access tab screen, click the Relay button


relay button in access tab


Step Eleven: Check the radio button for Only the list below and click the Add button. Again, check the radio button for Single computer and enter and click on OK.


smtp relay restrictions


Step Twelve: Confirm the settings in any other tabs and click on the Apply button to make these changes. Click on OK to exit the window


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