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cPanel License Expired

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If when logging into WHM on your VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server you receive a message stating that the license is expired there are steps you can take to attempt to resolve this issue.


Renew cPanel License

  1. You can check if your license is valid at by entering the IP address of your server
  2. Log into your server via SSH using a client such as PuTTY
  3. Execute the command /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt
  4. Refresh your browser or log out and back in to your WHM panel
  5. Confirm that the message has cleared

If the license is not renewed, the issue may be related to your main IP address being different than the one originally licensed or some other issue that would require support intervention.

If the command above does not resolve the issue for you or you cannot access your server via shell please feel free to contact support via live chat or a ticket so we can assist you with getting this resolved.