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How to Create a Sub-domain in ZPanel

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Follow these instructions to create a subdomain on ZPanel.


  1. Login to ZPanel
  2. Click Subdomains under the Domain Management section


Showing the Sub Domains location in ZPanel


  1. Enter subdomain prefix
  2. Select the domain from the drop down menu
  3. Use create new home directory
  4. Click Create


Showing the Create a New Sub Domain form in ZPanel


  1. Now go back to the home page and click DNS Manager under Domain Management


Showing the DNS Manager location in Zpanel


  1. Select your domain
  2. Click Edit


Showing the Manage Domains page in Zpanel


  1. Select the CNAME tab
  2. Select Add New Record
  3. Under Hostname enter in the prefix that you set earlier
  4. Click Save


Showing how to add a CNAME in ZPanel