Creating a User Account in CentOS Web Panel

What is a CentOS Web Panel Account?

CentOS Web Panel (CWP) is similar to other control panels in that your main/root account controls the various global aspects of a server, and user accounts manage the websites, and website specific settings for the domains created under the account.  The best analogy would be that a Panel Account is the equivalent to a cPanel account for a server running WHM.  


How do I create a CWP User Account? 

First, you would need to sign into your CentOS Web Panel admin account.  You can do so by navigating to your dedicated IP:2030, for example if your IP address was then you would go to.



You will be presented with a login screen shown below, enter the following information;

  1. root for the username
  2. The root password for your account
  3. Finish by clicking ‘login’


CentOS Web Panel Create User Account Step One


Once logged in, you will see the CWP Admin Dashboard, to create a new account, follow the steps listed and shown below.

  1. Click “User Accounts”
  2. Click “New Account”


CentOS Web Panel Create User Account Step Two


On the next page, there are many options fill in each textbox with the requested information.

  1. The domain name you want set as the primary for this account, do not include www.
  2. The username for this account, this will be for logging in, as well as FTP.
  3. The password for this account, choose a secure, alphanumeric password, using symbols when possible.
  4. The administrator email –  You can use an address that doesn’t exist yet for the domain you are creating, or you can use an offsite email address for disaster recovery purposes.
  5. Select the package, default is the included package, you can select a custom package, or use the default.
  6. The inode limit, this is a total file/folder count limitation you can place on an account. 
  7. The process limit is the total amount of concurrent processes to allow to run on this account.
  8. Total open file count is the amount of files this account can access at any given time.
  9. Additional Options:
  • Backup user account – Will include this account in any system backups ran.
  • Shell access will allow, or disallow the user to connect to the server via SSH
  • AutoSSL – If the domain is pointed at the server, CWP will attempt to generate an SSL certificate, allowing the use of HTTPS without warnings, or additional configuration.
  1. Once all fields are filled out, hit “Create” to create the user account!



CentOS Web Panel Create User Account Step Three


Once the process has completed, scroll down to the small text box marked ‘account details’ – Copy that information to a local text file, and save it for your records.


CentOS Web Panel Create User Account Step Four


Now navigate to yourIP:2082, like logging into the admin area above, if your IP is then we will enter the following in your browser window.



You will be presented with a login page, shown below.  Enter your information present in the Account Details text file we saved a short while ago.


CentOS Web Panel Create User Account Step Five


Congratulations!  You are now signed into your CWP User Account Client Area!



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