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Creating a New Virtual Server in Webmin/Virtualmin

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To setup a new virtual server in Webmin/Virtualmin you’ll make the similar steps to adding a new cPanel account to host a new website in WHM.  You can create new virtual servers in Webmin to host new domains.


How do I Add a New Site to Virtualmin?

To add a new site/domain (Virtual Server) to Webmin please use the following steps.


  1. Login to Webmin
  2. Select Virtualmin
  3. Select  the Create Virtual Server option


Showing the Create Virtual Server location in Virtualmin


  1. Fill in the required information for the domain
    1. New virtual server type
      1. Top-level server
      2. Sub-server
      3. Alias
    2. Domain name
    3. Description
    4. Administration password
    5. Server configuration template
    6. Account plan
    7. Administration username
  2. Click Create Server


Showing the Create Virtual Server form in Virtualmin