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Database Backup using PHPMyAdmin


This article is about taking a backup of your database and is intended for clients who have PHPMyAdmin installed on their Hostwinds Shared Hosting, Business Hosting, Cloud, VPS or Dedicated Server account. Before making any changes to your databases or updating your applications, or making any significant changes, it is important to always take a backup. Hostwinds suggests taking a backup of your database frequently so that you can easily restore your database at any time and in case anything goes wrong.


How To Backup Your Database using cPanel and PHPMyAdmin


  1. Login into your cPanel Account
  2. Navigate to the Databases section and click phpMyAdmin

    cpanel phpmyadmin databases 

  3. Click on the database name on the upper left side of the page that you would like to create a backup for
  4. Click on Export in the top middle part of the pageexport database using phpmyadmin
  5. Select the Export method that you would like to use, the format and click the Go buttonexport database using phpmyadmin
  6. This will create the backup file and download it to your computer so that you have a backup.

Backup Database Using Cron


  1. Login to your cPanel Account
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Section > Click on Cron Jobs

    create cron job to backup cpanel database

  3. Scroll down to the Common Settings
  4. Select the frequency to create your database backups, or enter this in manually
  5. Enter in the Command to run to backup your databases

    Replace the following in the above cron job with your account specific details:

    • [cPanelUserName]
    • [cPanelPassword]
    • [cPanelUsername}
    • [FILE_NAME]
  6. Click the Add New Cron Job button

Once this cron job has been created, you can check and confirm that the file exists in your home directory and that everything is working as expected.

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