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Does BCC and CC Count Toward Hourly Email Limit?

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With Hostwinds Shared and Business web hosting plans there are email limits in place. For example, our shared hosting plan has a limit of 25 email sent perhour. Also, our business hosting has a limit of 250 emails sent per hour. You can find more information on the email limits here: Hostwinds Email Limits

Does Multiple Recepients Equal Multiple Emails?

The short answer to this question is yes. Also, Each BCC and CC that you add to an email will count towards your email limit. No matter how you send the email each person that is getting an email will count toward your email limit.

Why are there email limits?

Here at Hostwinds, we have a very aggressive anti-spam policy. We have these limits to make sure that spam-sending is at the very lowest possible. With these email limits that we have set on our hosting plans, we can keep spamming down to a minimum.

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