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What Things Can Hold up a Domain Transfer?

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While domain transfers are not overly complicated, they do involve a number of restrictions that can prevent successfully transferring domains between hosts and registrars. The following are typical reasons that could cause a transfer to fail, and should be handled before attempting any domain transfer to or from hosting companies:

Time-Related Restrictions

Domains cannot be transferred during a 60-day Prohibited period.  You can determine if your domain is currently in a Prohibition period by doing a WHOIS Check on your domain.  Generally the domains will be prohibited due to the following reasons:

  • The domain has been registered less than 60 days ago
  • The domain has been transferred less than 60 days ago
  • Some Domain hosts prevent transfer if the domain contact information was updated less than 60 days ago

Domain Registrar Related Restrictions

Domain Registrars often provide a number of services related to domains, including locking them and maintaining their own authorization codes to ensure proper ownership over domains. The following can be reasons why a domain could fail to transfer due to the Domain host:

  • The domain is locked; it would require you as the client to request the domain be unlocked
  • An EPP (Authorization) Code would be required from the Domain host. EPP codes are not constant and can change depending on the host’s own discretion.  Often you may need to Get Your Domain’s EPP Code by asking the registrar’s support directly.

Authentication Restrictions

There are additional requirements that can prevent the successful transfer of a domain between registrars, as follows:

  • A confirmation sent by email has not been received. When a domain transfer is initiated, the email is sent to the domain’s listed contact information, which required verification that the domain transfer is a genuine request.

What If My Domain Transfer Failed?

If your Domain Transfer failed with Hostwinds, do not place a new order for a domain transfer. Instead, please open a ticket to our Billing Department, who will be able to review why the domain transfer failed, and will then be able to re-initiate the domain transfer at not additional cost, or contact our Live Chat so that they may help you get the process restarted.

Please note that domain transfers can take between 3 to 10 business days to complete, assuming there are no technical issues.