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Enable and Disable Plugins Within WordPress

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As plugins are a crucial feature of WordPress, there may come a time when you need to turn one on, or even off. You might want to turn a plugin off if you are not using a plugin at the moment. Or maybe found a different one that performs better. If you just installed a plugin as well, you may want to turn it on for your site. By default, after installing a WordPress plugin, it will not be in an active state. Luckily no matter the case, this is incredibly easy and is done form the WordPress dashboard.

Navigating To The Installed Plugins List

Before enabling or disabling any of the plugins on your WordPress. You will need to be at the list of all the plugins that are currently installed.

  1. To navigate to this list, you will first want to be Logged Into Your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Once at the dashboard you will want to navigate to find the Installed Plugins list. This will be in the Sidebar under Plugins -> Installed Plugins.
    WordPress where to view your installed plugins from sidebar menu
  3. You should now be viewing all the plugins you currently have on the server.

How To Enable A Plugin in WordPress

WordPress How To Activate General Plugin

Once you have navigated to the Installed Plugins page, you will see all the plugins installed on the WordPress installation. If the plugin is not active, you should see a button to Activate the plugin. Clicking that button will bring the plugin to an operational state for you to use. You will want to make sure that the plugin you are activating is compatible with your current version of WordPress. 

How To Disable A Plugin in WordPress

At the Installed Plugins page, you will be able to view all the plugins that are installed on your WordPress installation.  For the plugin that you are wanting to turn off, or disable. There will be the option to Deactivate the plugin. Clicking this will stop the plugin from running any more. If this plugin is important to your site’s functionality, this may break your site.

WordPress How To Deactivate General Plugin

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