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Enable HTTPS In WordPress

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When you have users visiting your site, you want to make sure they feel safe with information they provide. That’s why it’s usually deemed necessary that your site has an SSL Certificate. The SSL Certificate allows your site to utilize the HTTPS protocol.  Your users will still be able to visit the HTTP version of your site.

Check out this article for forcing HTTPS to be used on your site. With WordPress there are a few ways that you can enable the SSL Certificate to be used. For more information on how to get an SSL Certificate, check out this article here.

Enable The Option When Installing WordPress

The easiest way to enable HTTPS, is to set it up from the beginning. If you’re installing WordPress using Softaculous you can choose which protocol WordPress uses by default for your site. This option will be next to Choose Protocol in a drop down menu. You’ll want to make sure that you first have an SSL Certificate installed on your domain before selecting this option.

Force HTTPS on WordPress Installation

Change the URL if WordPress is already installed

You can follow the rest of this guide to change the URL from http to https for your WordPress site if you have already installed WordPress using Softaculous.

Modify The URL Directly in the Database With phpMyAdmin

Aside from setting the Protocol to be HTTPS when WordPress is initially installed. The best way to make sure that this is updated for all the URLs in your site is to do this directly from the Database.

  1. First you will want to start off by logging into your phpMyAdmin installation. This is available in the Databases section of cPanel.

    cpanel phpmyadmin databases
  2. Once inside of phpMyAdmin, you will want to click on the database that your WordPress is using from the left options.
  3. Clicking the database name will show you all the tables that currently exist in the database. You will want to look for, and select the wp_options table. In this case the database is suffixed with _wp864 and the tables have the prefix of wpr8_.

    Note: This prefix of ‘wp_’ may be different, depending on what was set when WordPress was installed.
    Where to locate the wp_options table within PHPMyAdmin for WordPress
  1. You will either want to click on the blue table name, or click on the Browse button. This will let you view all the entries that are currently in the table.
  2. From the list of entries, you will want to find the option_name that matches both siteurl and home. You will click Edit next to these options and change it from HTTP to HTTPS.

    Edit SiteUrl and Home options for WordPress table wp_options in PHPMyAdmin
  1. Once you click edit, you will be brought to a new page where you can change the option_value from http:// to https:// for your site. Once you have done this, you will click on the Go option at the bottom to Save the changes.

    PHPMyAdmin How To Finalize Changes To wp_options
  1. After this has been done for both the siteurl and home options, WordPress should now be loading from HTTPS:// by default the next time you visit your website.

Modify Site URL Within Softaculous

Another way to enable this can be done through Softaculous as well. As long as you have used Softaculous to install your WordPress this would be possible.

  1. To start, you will want to navigate to your Softaculous Apps Installer once you are logged in to your cPanel.

    Where to find Softaculous Apps Installer Icon
  2. Once there, find the Installations button towards the top. Click it to view your current installations (including your WordPress)

    Softaculous Installations Location
  3. To the right of the WordPress installation that you have installed, you will want to click on the Pencil Icon to edit the installation.

    Where to find Edit Icon For WordPress Details
  4. You should be brought to a new page where you can edit the various settings that you had installed WordPress with. You will want to find the Text Box for editing the URL of the site. This should be near the top of the page. You will want to make sure that the text in front of your site’s name has HTTPS rather than HTTP.

    WordPress Edit URL To Be HTTPS
  5. After you have made the necessary changes, scroll down and you will find the button that says Save Installation Details to Save the changes you just made towards the bottom of the page.
    Where to find the Save Installation Details at the bottom of the edit page in Softaculous

Modify Site URL In The WordPress Dashboard

If you’ve already Installed WordPress, but not through Softaculous, the above steps may not be of much help. Luckily there’s a way to change this directly from within the WordPress Dashboard as well.

  1. First you’ll want to log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Once logged in, along the Side Bar, you’ll want to navigate to the Settings options and click on the General sub option. This will open the General Settings for your WordPress installation.

    Where to find the wordpress general settings option
  1. Once you’re at the page to edit the General Settings. You will want to change the HTTP to HTTPS on both the WordPress address and the Site Address boxes.

    Where to change the site address for your wordpress installation
  1. After you’ve made that change, you’ll want to navigate to the bottom and click on the Save Changes button to save the changes you just made.
    Where to locate the save changes button within WordPress Settings

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