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Get Your Domain’s EPP Code From Hostwinds

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What is an EPP Code

An EPP code transfers a domain, and also known as authorization code. Your domains registrar generates this code, this code directly ties to your domain. It provides an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized transferring of your domain name to another registrar. This guide will cover how to get your domain’s EPP Code from Hostwinds.

How Do I Get Domain’s EPP Code From My Registrar

In order to transfer a domain name to a new registrar you’ll often need an EPP code or authorization code. You obtain the code from your domains registrar prior to beginning a domain name transfer. To acquire the EPP code from your domain registrar, log in to the domain registrar’s domain control panel. If your current registrar does not have a control panel, you may have to consult their documentation or contact their support staff.

I Need to Update My Contact Info First!

If you need to update your contact information before transferring a domain away from Hostwinds, the best way to do so is through a Billing Ticket. You would simply need to send the contact information in the ticket to our billing team so they can make the update for you.

You would not want to update the information from the Client Area. This will cause your domain to lock for 60 days, which will prevent the domain from being able to be transferred away from Hostwinds, until this time has passed.

NOTE: Please do keep in mind that by ICANN regulations, changing your domain contact information will result in the domain being unable to be transferred for 60 days.

You are welcome and encouraged to submit a ticket to our Billing Department with your domain contact details if you would like this to be changed for you.

How Do I Get This Code From Hostwinds?

If you registered your domain with Hostwinds, these steps will show you how to get your EPP code.

Step 1: From your client area select Domains then click My Domain.

To get your EPP code, go to Domains then My Domains

Step 2: For the domain that you wish to transfer click on the manage dropdown menu. Then click on Manage Domain.

For the Domain you wish to the EPP code for, select the domain to Manage it.

Step 3: Next, check that the domain is unlocked. Trying to transfer a domain that is locked will fail. To unlock the domain, click the Registrar Lock option, then disable the Lock.

To the left, there is an option to Get EPP code to transfer away.

Step 4: You should then receive the EPP code in your email. You would then take this code to the registrar you are moving the domain to, and

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